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Elbim Electronik - Leading company in the electronics field used in production, wich comes as one of the most important part of modern equipment widely used in all factories and plants



High-quality diagnostics and repair of electronic boards and inverters

Installation, configuration and run your equipment

Automation of equipment used in production

Maintenance of industrial equipment and electronics

Maintenance of industrial equipment and electronics


Our service center provides the following services:

Our specialization is equipment repair at the component level: restoration of corroded, mechanically and thermally exposed boards, replacement of discrete elements, transformers, chips, fans.

Highly qualified staff will diagnose all systems and accurately determine the fault. Thanks to the new equipment and extensive experience, all problems will be fixed in the shortest possible time, and you will be given recommendations for further, safe operation of your equipment.

We also carry out programming, firmware controllers, memory chips, cleaning equipment, radiators, enclosures and other related work. Our equipment and space allow repair work of frequency converters of unlimited power.

• diagnostics of malfunctions and preparation of a technical report on maintainability;
• preparation of commercial proposals for repairs;
• coordination of work with the customer;
• repair of the frequency converter or soft starter and test equipment operation on a test bench.
We repair outdated equipment that has been discontinued. We provide a warranty for the repair of an electronic device for 6 months.